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aspergers syndrome help

My child has Aspergers syndrome.  What does this mean? 

What do I need to do? 

How will it affect their life? 

What do I need to know?

I wish I had this book when my daughter was first diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.  It would have removed the fog, the fear, the unknown and filled me with comfort and given me many, many tips to accelerate my understanding of how to manage my daughter.

Is your child able to establish and maintain friendships?

Does your child go to sleep easily and sleep well at night?

Is it possible to carry a meltdown avoider in a jar?

What are the best tips your teacher needs to help your child enjoy school and fulfill their ability?

Does your child look people in the eye when speaking?  Is this a concern?

Should your child be a genius?

Does your child have any unusual eating traits?

one Dad says his son "sucks the life out of potential friends" insisting things are done his way

Is it your fault?....

…………………. and boy oh boy the list goes on, with all these issues discussed and many pages of comments re meltdown avoidance and recovery strategies.

This book has the responses of fifteen sets of caring, diligent, loving parents of children with Aspergers syndrome to nearly fifty of the most important questions.  These questions were asked by 180 parents of children with Aspergers via an online request for their most important issues.

You know your child and have many aspects under control better than anybody else on the planet, BUT with over 110 pages of useful information this book will further accelerate your development of

management strategies for your child.

I look on this book as a comprehensive “support group in print” which has empathetic stories, heaps of tips for different situations and general management strategies.

This book provides some great advice about minimising your child's anxiety, assisting your child to enjoy and benefit from school and how to ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep.

The vast array of tips on assisting meltdown recovery are also extremely helpful.

"One Dad said he would not change his son at all, he was very proud of him and believed it is about celebrating difference."

"one girl with ASD cut holes out of curtains to see what it was like........

...........  her mother told me, when talking with her daughter about the reason she has Aspergers she replied


It is nobody's fault, it is how you are born."

"A mother said hugging her daughter while drawing figure eights on her back was a great way of soothing her."


This book made me find and join my closest Asperger’s Support Group. 

Best thing I have ever done! 




"...a relaxed parent is a much better parent for the entire family.

Siblings of children with Asperger's need to consciously have attention paid to them "

Hopefully this book will give you enough information to encourage you to

pursue a diagnosis. 

The diagnosis is a definition of your child's condition, not your child. 

A diagnosis will improve your entire family's life.