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My Story

A few years ago I found myself giving responses to questions and wondering about questions posed to me, Greg Seers,

father of a girl with Asperger’s syndrome,

from parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome. 


I rapidly realised I could not give appropriate answers all the time because my child did not represent all children with Asperger’s, no child does.  I decided to interview parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome and put together a comprehensive “support group in print”. ...


one Dad says his son "sucks the life out of potential friends" insisting things are done his way

An Overwhelming Response

I knew not all of the information in this book would help all but I also knew some of the information will help all to varying degrees.  So, I put together a web page asking people with children with Asperger’s syndrome to tell me what questions they wanted answers to. 

I had 180 responses in three weeks! 


The questions were often repeated, which was good, and totalled 48.  I then placed an advertisement in my local Asperger’s newsletter asking for parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome to contact me if they were willing to be interviewed by me using these 48 questions as the backbone of my interview. 


I received responses from 15 caring, diligent, loving parents willing to offer their experience, anecdotes and issues resolved or otherwise to others.

Resulting in 121 pages of other parents life experiences.

This book provides some great advice about minimising your child's anxiety and helping to reduce meltdowns.

The vast array of tips on assisting meltdown recovery are also extremely useful.

"one girl with ASD cut holes out of curtains to see what it was like........

...........  her mother told me when talking with her daughter about the reason she has Aspergers she replied


"It is nobody's fault, it is how you are born."

"One Dad said he would not change his son at all, he was very proud of him and believed it is about celebrating difference."

"A mother said hugging her daughter while drawing figure eights on her back was a great way of soothing her."