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A sudden change of plans & how to navigate this with an aspergers child.

Most children when they wake up look at the day ahead and see a fairly

changing plans with an aspergers child

smooth road, where it goes is not necessarily known but at worst it's a smooth dirt road.

Children with Asperger's see a road needing a heavy duty 4WD to navigate through to the end of the day. One way to equip your child with this 4WD is to have a very detailed plan about what the day involves. This takes away surprises and the continual ongoing thoughts about what is going to be needed to be done next and will I enjoy it. This removal of an unknown is very powerful in reducing a child with Aspergers' anxiety.

NOW, plans don't always go to plan. This is unavoidable and it is how you approach this plan deviation that is critical. If it is known reasonably well in advance then a gentle discussion and a full explanation of the reason why may be effective in minimising anxiety. Involving your child in this process helps too, even if you simply get them to acknowledge

step by step why the plan has changed. If it is a last minute situation then this can be much more tricky especially if the next activity was one your child was looking forward to - the worst situation!

I am not a parent who encourages bribery but in this type of situation I wield due to the impending consequences. That's all I'll say unfortunately - it may be a bribe of an ice cream or to do something another day or whatever but your child must have faith in a day's plans even if it includes changes able to be handled due to a bribe.

I welcome your comments on above.

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