• Greg Seers - Author

Does your child have eating patterns that worry you?

Does your child have rigid stipulations regarding how they want their food presented or unique processes for eating their food?  What is your attitude to these requirements?  What occurs if you ask your child to conform to normal food presentation or eating processes?  Are you worried they will embarrass themselves or you when eating in public?  Will they still be eating in this manner as an adult?   Eating rules for a child with Aspergers is often an interesting part of their make-up. I simply ask the question when considering the big questions of lowering anxiety, ensuring they eat as quickly as possible and ensuring they have adequate nutrition how much does it matter how they eat?  If they are getting nutritious meals into their stomach then mission accomplished.  Similarly sleep (see blog) is important to enable a child with Aspergers to be well energised to handle a neurotypical world with as much energy as possible. Eating habits for all change as we grow up, including people with Aspergers.

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