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When my child was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome I thought

"What is this word I have never heard before?


I was quickly told it is now referred to as having an autism spectrum disorder, being on the spectrum or "having an ASD".  I knew my child and her quirks but did not realise it had a name, had many books written about it but needed a more personal understanding.  


How would my daughter be as she got older, what life challenges would she face with Asperger's, did this syndrome affect girls differently to boys?  I quickly found that there are a large number of behaviours that characterise a child with Asperger's syndrome.  I quickly realised that some pertain to my child, others didn't and management of other children varied. There is no "one plan suits all" concept as there is with a person with a broken arm. 


I also found that most books are written by qualified medical professionals, these are useful and have great background information but were not especially useful for me and the management of my own child.  I found speaking to parents of other children that many had the same comments and some had common comments about how to address the questions we all had about our children....


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I wondered if this situation was more common? 

  • How did others come to get a diagnosis? 

  • Was the ASD diagnosis easy? 

  • How do you manage a recidivist offender? 

  • What options are there for chill time? 

  • How do you recognise an impending meltdown? 

  • Can you circumvent an impending meltdown?  If so, how? 

  • Do others find shopping tricky?

  • What can I do in my house to reduce the likelihood of a meltdown? 

  • How do others manage their child and homework? 

  • How do others assist their child in making friends? 

  • Have others had their child's IQ assessed? 

  • Do any children have extraordinary abilities? 

  • and many, many other questions!

I decided to advertise for parents of children with Asperger's to tell me their stories.  A great number of tips were given and I found different tips came from parents of different children. 


This book is full of tips covering a range of issues and a range of children.  I am positive, at the very least, you will find this book useful in the care, management and understanding of your child.  You should find it also useful to improve your entire family's lifestyle.  Many tips were given, the best part being that some were spot on for my daughter and it was often just comforting hearing empathetic stories about other's children. 


I had entered a new world after diagnosis, felt more comfortable after my understanding of my child improved and my family's lifestyle improved too.